the derivation of names


An alternative way to trace your genealogy. Family names derive from four major roots; occupation, father's name, looks and location. Find out about many of the fascinating origins of surnames.

Derivation of Names

Different Patronymics

East Asian Names

Language of food


The culinary world is replete with derivations from stars, chefs and horticultaralists which have snuck into everyday usage. Sandwich we all know but how about bing cherries and loganberries? Click below to digest more of these.

Language of Fashion

bowler hat

From denim to jeans, from bowlers to trilbys, the world of fashion has often adopted the names of the sartorial progenitors. Read on to learn of General Burnsides.

Language of Sport


It always amazes me how many of our everyday phrases how come from the world of sports, some are obvoius (bowled) and some are arcane. Read on for more fascinating examples.

Language of Money


The pound, of course, was originally the weight of cash and a crown because of the image but how about the dollar? To find out you will have to click below.