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Personal Independence Payment.

This is an attempt to explain the intracies of the new policy which will replace the old Disability Allowance with a new (improved?) system called Personal Independence Payment, or PIP for short. There is an accompanying audio file which for those without the text reading app.

VIPA sport

Latest Sports

Go to our sports news section to get all the latest information on the cricket, football, rugby, blind sports, athletics, cycling, motor racing, curling and sundry other events. Keep up-to-date on the scores and fixtures along with commentaries on the games

tactile paving

Tactile Paving.

Please take the time to read this enormously detailed and very well researched paper on tactile paving, the 'blisters' at the edges of platforms and at a host of different road crossings, to assist and guide the visually impaired. Written by Beata Duncan-Jones. This is important information!

Windies Blind Cricket.

blind cricket

"In sighted cricket it's all about eye and hand co-ordination, here it's ear and hand co-ordination." But the commitment is even greater. The West Indies is experiencing a surge of interest and involvement in blind cricket.

blind technologies

Assisted Vision Smart Glasses. Artificial Intelligence glasses. Science is pushing the envelope in five different technologies to improve the life of the sight impaired.

Big Charity Award.


“We are both delighted and relieved to have received this award, which ensures Ellingham will continue enabling people with learning disabilities to lead more fulfilled lives, access day opportunities and inclusive activities all from a brand new state of the art facility."

Podcast For Blind.

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Listen to the weekly podcast for and about the blind and visually impaired. This week we hear about how to interview someone plus information on Nystagmus. Broadcast on Nov 17th.