slow cooker

Cooking Tips

Sight loss should not impede one from many of life's tasks. Cooking can be be very enjoyable and brings a sense of independence; at least we can manage a necessity for existence. Here we give cooking tips and advice to ensure that you will be able to prepare meals with the minimum of disadvantage.

Measures for the visually impaired

Cooking tools

Technology has made it far easier to prepare your own meals. From braille to tactile enhancements to bluetooth beacons we look at some of the gadgets and available cookware which will enable you to become the Master Chef you always dreamt of. You will be pleased to find that your other senses enhance your skills.

beignets for the blind


From salads to souffles, from hard-boiled eggs to haut cuisine; here are a number of recipes that are designed for the visually impaired - you will surely find some that will whet your appetite. Remember that smell is the keenest of the senses and these cooking aromas will delight and trigger fond memeries of home cooking.