assisted vision glasses

Assisted Vision Glasses.

Blindness and visual impairment come in many forms. Not all people with impaired sight would benefit from our augmented vision, but there are many who would. As a general guide, if someone retains the ability to detect some light - as 75% of those registered blind do - it's possible these glasses can help.

Smartglasses with AI app.

Artificial Intel. Glasses.

The intelligence comes from ‘Seeing AI’, which is a research project that helps people who are visually impaired or blind to understand who and what is around them. The app is built using intelligence APIs from Microsoft Cognitive Services and works on a smartphone in conjunction with smartglasses.

bluetooth beacons

Bluetooth beacons.

Bluetooth beacons are hardware transmitters - a class of Bluetooth LE devices that broadcast their identifier to nearby portable electronic devices. One application is distributing messages at a specific Point of Interest, for example a store, a bus stop, a room or a more specific location like a piece of furniture or a vending machine.