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Buckhurst Hill Entrance

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The station opened on 22 August 1856 as part of the Eastern Counties Railway branch from London to Loughton. It originally had staggered platforms, with the main buildings on the down side (tracks heading away from London). The 1856 station house survives to the south of the present platforms, but most of the present station dates from 1892, when the entrance was moved to Victoria Road. The first mention of Buckhurst Hill is in 1135, when reference was made to "La Bocherste", becoming in later years "Bucket Hill", originally meaning a hill covered with beech trees. It lay in Epping Forest and consisted of only a few scattered houses along the ancient road from Woodford to Loughton. Before the building of the railways Buckhurst Hill was on the stage coach route between London and Cambridge, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds and Dunmow.


For the purposes of fare charging it is in Zone 5. As of 2007 it is the only station on the eastern portion of the Central line in that zone, in fact Buckhurst Hill is the only through station in zones 1 to 6 on the London Underground to be in a zone on its own, passengers travelling from the station leaving in either direction must cross a zone boundary. The station has toilets, payphones, a bridge, waiting room and a car park.


Connections: Local bus routes 167 and 549 serve Buckhurst Hill from the forecourt.