blind blake

Blind Blues Musicians

The blues began in the 1890's. It developed from the field hollers, the work songs, of the sharecroppers in the Deep South. Mixed in were the influence of the spirituals and African folk songs of their roots. Emancipation had meant that the former slaves were now paid, albeit a pittance, and the juke joints and churches sprang up to accomodate them. In New Orleans this music would develop into jazz, but in the more rural areas it was often just one man playing a guitar, piano or harmonica.

bo diddley

Rhythm and Blues

The history and evolution of rhythm and blues from it's roots to the late sixties. Enormously influential on just about every genre of pop music. Plenty of wonderful tracks which are still as vibrant and evocative today. Lots of old favourites and, hopefully, something new for you to enjoy.

Film Camera


A comprehensive library of some of the outstanding films on musicians, both biopics and documentaries. Relive Wattstax, find out all about Bob Marley, the life and times of Huddie Ledbetter (better known as Leadbelly) or a great documentary on the remnants of the Mississippi Hill Blues - lesser known cousin to the Delta. Pick your evenings entertainment.