wilkie collins - the black robe

conan doyle - lost world

conan doyle - exploits of brigadier gerard

daniel defoe - moll flanders

daniel defoe - robinson crusoe

daniel defoe - roxana

alexandre dumas - the black tulip

alexandre dumas - count of monte cristo

alexandre dumas - man in the iron mask

alexandre dumas - Louise de la Valliere

alexandre dumas - twenty years after

alexandre dumas - the three musketeers

walter scott - ivanhoe

walter scott - rob roy

walter scott - the talisman

r l stevenson - kidnapped

r l stevenson - dr.jeckyll & mr.hyde

r l stevenson - treasure island

mark twain - huckleberry finn

mark twain - tom sawyer

edgar rice burroughs - son of tarzan

edgar rice burroughs - tarzan of the apes

edgar rice burroughs - princess of mars

edgar rice burroughs - warlord of mars

edgar rice burroughs - tarzan the untamed

edgar rice burroughs - land time forgot

h g wells - island of doctor moreau

h g wells - the time machine

h g wells - the invisible man

h g wells - the sleeper awakes

h g wells - world set free

h g wells - war of the worlds

jules verne - around the world in 80 days

jules verne - journey to the centre of the earth

jules verne - mysterious island

jules verne - from the earth to the moon

jules verne - 800 leagues on the amazon

jules verne - 20000 leagues under the sea

jules verne - around the world in 80 days

jules verne - journey to the centre of the earth

jules verne - mysterious island

jules verne - from the earth to the moon

jules verne - 800 leagues on the amazon

jules verne - 20000 leagues under the sea

H Rider Haggard - Allan Quartermain

H Rider Haggard - King Solomons Mines

H Rider Haggard - She

H Rider Haggard - Allan and the Holy Flower

H Rider Haggard - Ayesha, Return of She

H Rider Haggard - Beatrice

H Rider Haggard - The Brethren

H Rider Haggard - Pearl Maiden

H Rider Haggard - She and Allan

R M Ballantyne - Madman + the Pirate

R M Ballantyne - Golden Dream

R M Ballantyne - Coral Island

R M Ballantyne - Island Queen

R M Ballantyne - Gorilla Hunters

R M Ballantyne - Charlie to the Rescue

R M Ballantyne - Iron Horse

Maurice LeBlanc - 813

Maurice LeBlanc - Adventures of Arsene Lupin

Maurice LeBlanc - 8 Strokes of the Clock

Maurice LeBlanc - The Blonde Lady

Frederick Marryat - Snarleyyow

Frederick Marryat - Children of New Forest

Frederick Marryat - Midshipman Easy

William Russell - Abandoned

William Russell - Frozen Pirate

William Russell - The Last Entry

G A Henty - Wulf the Saxon

G A Henty - Col. Thorndykes Secret

G A Henty - At Agincourt, White Hoods

G A Henty - Among Malay Pirates

G A Henty - St George for England

G A Henty - With Lee in Virginia

G A Henty - Cat of Bubastes

G A Henty - One of the 28th

G A Henty - True to the Old Flag

G A Henty - On the Irrawaddy

G A Henty - In Freedoms Cause

G A Henty - Under Drakes Flag

G A Henty - Winning His Spurs

G A Henty - St Bartholomews Eve

G A Henty - Tiger of Mysore

G A Henty - Bonnie Prince Charlie

Jules Verne - Blockade Runners

Stewart White - Blazed Trail

Alessando Manzoni - The Betrothed

Arthur Applin - Blackthorn Farm

Max Brand - Way of the Lawless

Max Brand - Black Jack

Max Brand - Garden of Eden

Max Brand - Seventh Man

Max Brand - Bull Hunter

Max Brand - Gunman's Reckoning

Max Brand - Trailin!

Herman Melville - Typee

Herman Melville - Moby Dick

Herman Melville - Redburn:First Voyage

Herman Melville - Benito Cereno

Herman Melville - Confidence Man

Lew Wallace - Ben Hur

Richard Jefferies - After London

Appollonius Rhodius - The Argonautica

Joseph Conrad - Almayers Folly

Vasco de Lobeira - Amadis of Gaul

Sam Allison - American Robinson Crusoe

Philip Nowlan - Armageddon 2419AD

Various - Astounding Stories 04

Various - Astounding Stories 05

George Gascoigne - Adventures of F J

James Curwood - Danger Trail

James Curwood - Kazan

James Curwood - The Alaskan

James Curwood - Gold Hunters

James Curwood - Golden Snare

James Curwood - Honor of Big Snows

James Curwood - Courage of Marge O'Doone

James Curwood - Nomads of the North

James Curwood - Hunted Woman

James Curwood - The Country Beyond

Charles Lamb - Adventures of Ulysses

W.Bonsels - Maya the Bee (Children)

George Fenn - Bunyip Land (Children)

Frank Webster - Bob the Castaway (Children)

E Ormondroyd - David & Phoenix (Children)

Richard Davis - Boy Scout etc. (Children)

Anon - 1001 Arabian Nights Vol 1

Anon - 1001 Arabian Nights Vol 2

Anon - 1001 Arabian Nights Vol 4

Anon - 1001 Arabian Nights Vol 5

Anon - 1001 Arabian Nights Vol 6

Anon - 1001 Arabian Nights Vol 7

Alfred Lawson - Born Again

Jeffery Farnol - Broad Highway

Rudyard Kipling - Brushwood Boy

Jack London - Call of the Wild

Guy Boothby - Cabinet Secret

Emerson Hough - Covered Wagon

George MacDonald - Cruel Painter

Harry Collingwood - Cruise of Esmeralda

Johnston McCulley - Curse of Capistrano

G.A Henty - Curse Carne's Hold

Honore Beaugrand - La Chasse Galerie (FR)

Arthur Morrison - Child of The Jago

Percival Wren - Cupid in Africa

A Marchmont - Dash for a Throne

Florence Kelly - Delafield Affair

J Fenimore Cooper - Deerslayer

Kirk Munroe - Copper Princess

Samuel Merwin - Kalumet 'K'

E Bulwer Lytton - The Coming Race

Andy Adams - Cattle Brands

Raphael Sabatini - Captain Blood

Raphael Sabatini - Tavern Knight

Raphael Sabatini - Scaramouche

Raphael Sabatini - Sea Hawk

Anthony Hope - Count Antonio

Harold Goodwin - Caves of Fear

William Hodgson - Glen Carrig

Roy Snell - Blue Envelope

H Stacpoole - Blue Lagoon

R F Young - A Knyght Ther Was

Herbert Jenkins - John Dene (FR)

Maude Warren - King Arthur & Knights

H Beam Piper - Last Enemy

Conan Doyle - Desert Drama

B W Sinclair - Land of Frozen Suns

W C Russell - Last Entry

Baroness Orczy - League of Scarlet Pimpernel

Baroness Orczy - El Dorado'

Baroness Orczy - Elusive Pimpernel

Baroness Orczy - Scarlet Pimpernel

Baroness Orczy - I Will Repay

Baroness Orczy - Lord Tony's Wife

Baroness Orczy - Old Man in the Corner

Baroness Orczy - Triumph of Scarlet Pimpernel

E Nesbit - 5 Children & It (Children)

Rex Beach - Flowing Gold

H Collingwood - For Treasure Bound

Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness

M H Hewlett - Frey and His Wife

C Kieviet - Fulco de Minstreel (NL)

Rabelais - Gargantua & Pantagruel I

Rabelais - Gargantua & Pantagruel II

R W Chambers - Flaming Jewel

L F Baum - Glinda of Oz (Children

J Flower - Grace's Plebe Year (Children)

J Flower - Grace's Overton Second (Children)

J Flower - Grace's Overton Third (Children)

J Flower - Grace Harlowe Overseas (Children)

J Flower - Grace's Problem (Children)

G B English - Expedition to Dongola

M Armour trans. - Fall of Nibelungs

Jules Verne - Dick Sands

Jules Verne - Doctor Ox's Experiment

Stanton King - Dog Watches at Sea

J P Martin - A Revolutionary Soldier

Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote I

Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote II

L F Baum - American Fairy Tales

A J Evans - Escaping Club

Paul Ford - K & A Train Robbery

Noel Sainsbury - Dorothy Dixon

E Nesbit - Enchanted Castle (Children)

William Adams - Down South

J Sutton - First on the Moon

H Kuttner - The Ego Machine

H Rider Haggard - Eric Brighteyes

Jules Verne - Facing the Flag

Andy Adams - The Outlet

R L Stevenson - Ebb Tide

A Williamson - House by the Lock

E Rickenbacker - Flying Circus

H Rider Haggard - People of the Mist

F Burgess - Find the Woman

B Farjeon - House of White Shadows

C Lockhart - Dude Wrangler

H Rider Haggard - Heart of the World

Conan Doyle - Raffles Haw

H Bailey - The Highwayman

E Brooks - Historic Girls (Children)

Joseph Conrad - Outcast of Islands

T M Reid - Headless Horseman

Jack London - The Game

E Ingram - Game and Candle

J Fitzpatrick - Jock of the Bushveld

Jules Verne - Fur Country

Wilkie Collins - Frozen Deep

Eugene Sue - Les Mysteres de Paris I (FR)

Eugene Sue - Les Mysteres de Paris II (FR)

Joseph Conrad - Lord Jim

Grant Allen - Miss Cayley's Adventures

Elisabeth Gaskell - Moorland Cottage

M Leinster - Murder Madness

Jack London - Mutiny of the Elsinore

B Bower - Lure of Dim Trails

G Reynolds - Mysteries of London I

H Rider Haggard - Lysbeth

E Hornung - Mr Justice Raffles

Walter Scott - The Monastery

Edgar Rice Burroughs - The Mad King

G M Fenn - Peril Finders

R Connor - Man from Glengarry

H. Pyle - Robin Hood

M. Nicholson - House of 1000 Candles

J D Borthwick - Gold Hunters

H Chevalier - La Fille de Pirate (Fr)

Eugenio de Ochoa - La Eneida (Sp)

Jules Verne - Michael Strogoff (De)

Owen Wister - Members of the Family

D Tennant - Miss Pim's Camouflage

Benito Galdos - Luchana (Sp)

Bret Harte - Mrs Skagg's Husbands

Benito Galdos - Napoleon en Chamartin (Sp)

Sam Merwin - Merry Anne

Homer - The Odyssey

G Chesterton - Napoleon of Notting Hill

Charles Adams - Notting Hill Mystery

Edgar A Poe - Arthur Gordon Pym

M Leinster - Pariah Planet

M Leinster - Outer Space

A A Milne - Once on a Time (Children)

Robert Woodward - On a Donkey

Lucy Perkins - Dutch Twins (Children)

R Davis - Notes of War Correspondent

Harold Bindloss - Northwest

W W Jacobs - Night Watches

Herman Melville - Omoo:South Seas

F Patchin - Pony Rider Boys :Texas

C Goddard - Perils of Pauline

E Stratemeyer - Outdoor Chums (Children)

R Davis - Lost House

E Porter - Pollyanna

H E Flint - Lord of Death

Edgar Rice Burroughs - Pellucidar

Jules Verne - Off on a Comet

Jules Verne - de Wereld in 80 Dagen (De)

B Dunn - Raiding with Morgan

Andre Norton - Ralestone Luck

H H Jackson - Ramona

Guy Morton - Rangy Pete

Samuel Johnson - Rasselas

Andre Norton - Rebel Spurs

C Fontenay - Rebels of Red Planet

O Wister - Red Men and White

R E Howard - Red Nails

Emile Zola - Germinal (Fr)

Andre Norton - Ride Proud Rebel

R Boldrewood - Robbery Under Arms

P Creswick - Robin Hood

J McSpadden - Robin Hood

W H Ainsworth - Rockwood

T Lodge - Rosalynde

A Hope - Rupert of Hentzau

J Fletcher - Scarhaven Keep

D Wollheim - Secret of 9th Planet

J Hendryx - Snowdrift

Lady Wilson - South African Memories

A Le Feuvre - Teddy's Button (Children)

Edgar Burroughs - Tarzan the Terrible

Edgar Burroughs - Tarzan Jewels of Opar

T Higginson - Enchanted Island Tales

A Norton - Storm over Warlock

Jack London - Stories of Ships

A Church - Stories from Virgil

M MacLeod - Stories from Faerie Queene

R Barnum - Squinty the Pig (Children)

M Leinster- Space Tug

M Leinster - Space Platform

H Rider Haggard - Three Lions

J Wyss - Swiss Family Robinson

R Goadby - Bampfylde Moore Carew

O Schreiner - An African Farm

G Gibbs - Splendid Outcast

Zane Grey - Spirit of the Border

Henry Oyen - Snow Burner

W Emerson - Smoky God

Rex Beach - Silver Horde

H Wright - Shepherd of the Hills

G Meredith - Shaving of Shagpat

Jack London - Sea Wolf

Upton Sinclair - Prisoner of Morro

Matthew Shiel - Purple Cloud

A Hope - Prisoner of Zenda

J Fenimore Cooper - The Prairie

D Whitelaw - Princess Galva

G A Henty - In the Reign of Terror

Conan Doyle - Poison Belt

F Patchin - Pony Rider Boys :Rockies

F Patchin - Pony Rider Boys :Ozarks

F Patchin - Pony Rider Boys :Alkali

James Curwood - Isobel

Edgar Burroughs - Jungle Tales of Tarzan

Jules Verne - Tribulations d'un chinois (Fr)

William Le Queux - Invasion

Conan Doyle - The Great Shadow

Jack London - Daughter of Snows

Various - Astounding Stories 12

Various - Astounding Stories 13

Various - Astounding Stories 14

c rockwell - danger in deep space

j van lennep - De Roos van Dekama (Nl)

h rider haggard - marie, an episode

dallas reynolds - status quo

jack london - fish patrol

george gibbs - forbidden way

m winfield - rover boys in jungle

m winfield - rover boys out west

c whistler - havelok the dane

r l stevenson - master of ballantrae

g a henty - point of the bayonet

l f baum - tin woodman of oz

t m reid - scalp hunters

george ogden - trails end

r m ballantyne - jarwin and cuffy

r l stevenson - la isla del tesoro (sp)

S Rathborne - boy scouts campfire (children)

V Durham - submarine boys and middies

V Durham - submarine boys lightning cruise

G MacDonald - north wind (children)