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alexandre dumas - celebrated crimes 1

alexandre dumas - celebrated crimes 2

mark twain - innocents abroad

jacob abbott - charles the first

jacob abbot - queen elizabeth (first)

jacob abbott - gentle measures in the management and training of the young

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jacob abbot - cleopatra

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M B Synge - Discovery of New Worlds

M B Synge - Great Englishwomen

M B Synge - Book of Discovery

G B English - Expedition to Dongola

J P Martin - A Revolutionary Soldier

Stanton King - Dog Watches at Sea

A J Evans - Escaping Club

E Rickenbacker - Flying Circus

Mark Twain - a tramp abroad

W Bligh - voyage to south sea

J. Beard - toussaint l'ouverture

W W Fowler - Woman on the Frontier

pierre loti - war

j altshelter - hunters of the hills

C Pelham - chronicles of crime

C Darwin - origin of the species

C Darwin - the voyage of the beagle

G Burrow - wild wales

w sanger - history of prostitution

book of marco polo volume 1

book of marco polo volume 2

israel zangwill - children of the ghetto

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r p clarke - glamour of grammar

p leigh - comic english grammar

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