blind woman cooking


Sight loss should not impede one from many of life's tasks. Cooking can be be very enjoyable and brings a sense of independence; at least we can manage a necessity for existence. Here we give cooking tips and advice as well as recipes ranging from the basic to the fun and exotic.

Clothes in wardrobe


Cleaning can be a difficult task for the visually impaired - for one thing it is often hard to know when things are dirty. We address the many aspects of personal and environmental hygiene; including laundry, washing the the dishes, the bathroom, and keeping your home sparkling and fresh.

blind woman with chair


There are a lot of things the visually impaired can do to improve their environment. The first step is to "see" your living space. Think of this as an exercise in feng shui, there is no reason why the visually impaired should not be as comfortable in their home as any sighted person.