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Chemist Shop

Victorian Village

Victorian Village


A strange hybrid; a museum in an amusement park. Flambards first opened in 1976 under the name of 'Cornwall Aircraft Park'. Owned by Douglas Kingsford Hale MBE, the park slowly built up an array of aircraft models and exhibitions. Over time, the park grew and was renamed 'The Flambards Experience'. In addition to the spectacular rides there are a number of exhibitions which jointly comprise the museum.

*** – The Victorian Village – ***

The Victorian Village was created from just three rooms in 1979 by Mrs. Audrey Kingsford–Hale who wanted to portray a life size recreation of the fascinating Victorian period. Through the years the village has grown to some 50 shops, cottages and attendant trades including a butcher’s shop, bakery, blacksmiths and sweet shop. Step back in time to experience what life was like in Victorian Britain.

Try to resist the tempting smells of Victorian sweets and Camp Coffee as you explore a life-size village from yesteryear, painstakingly created to include more than 50 realistic shops including a confectioner’s, toy store, milliner’s, ironmonger’s, tobacconist’s, butcher’s, corsetière and a barbershop.

Experience snapshot scenes of lives ‘frozen in time’ as you step inside the local pub, visit a Victorian home, and see the divide between rich and poor as you compare the grand hotel lobby alongside the hardship in the working quarters. As aristocrats in fine dress ring bells demanding service, children and maids wearing ragged clothes work tirelessly over boiling pots and pans to meet their demands. Discover thousands of authentic artefacts such as jewellery, toys, textiles, tools and housewares. Can you spot flagship brands such as Marmite, Pears and Yardley, as you scan across 52,000 original items of vintage packaging on display?

The Victorian Village is a labour of love for Flambards and the exhibition has won several national awards for its authentic reconstructions. These include original granite setts salvaged from Bath, and a wood block floor rescued from demolition diggers which tore through a Victorian school in the North of England.

*** – Britain in the Blitz – ***

The Britain in the Blitz exhibition was opened in 1984 by Dame Vera Lynn. Bomb sirens wail, the floor shakes, Doodlebugs glide overhead, families rush into their Anderson shelters and evacuees crowd railway stations to escape. Welcome to Britain in the Blitz at Flambards – which was confirmed by Dame Vera Lynn as being an authentic reconstruction of life on the home front.

Explore their life-sized replica of a London street blitzed during World War II. Read the touching original letters from child evacuees writing home. Imagine families’ fear as a Doodlebug bomb glided ominously towards their homes. Peep in as a mother tucks up her children while her husband serves his country on the front line.

The exhibition was the first of its kind in the UK when it was opened by Dame Vera in 1984. Since then, hundreds of thousands of survivors have agreed it’s a realistic and sensitive homage to those who managed to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On,’ despite the hardships of war.

  • The War Gallery:–
  • The War Gallery is closely linked with the Britain In The Blitz exhibition, and is a tribute to all of the men and women of Great Britain and The Commonwealth who served in World Wars 1 and 2.

    *** – The Aviation Experience – ***

    The Aviation Experience - A Century of Pioneering Flight is an inter-active indoor attraction showcasing three momentous achievements in aviation within the last century:

  • First Sustained Powered Flight:
  • It remains a mystery whether Richard Pearse, the inventive son of Cornish parents, sustained the first sustained powered flight in 1902 – a year before the American Wright Brothers, who had the foresight to record their attempt. Articles at the time queried whether Pearse’s team were ‘fliers or liars,’ due in part to his contradictory accounts. What is not disputed is Pearse’s ingenuity and bravery, which is clear to see at this exhibition.
  • First Flight between Australia & England:
  • Families danced in the streets on hearing news that Charles Kingford Smith piloted the first earth-shrinking flight between Australia and England in 1929. This poignant exhibition pays tribute to the man affectionately known as Smithy, his navigator Charles Ulm, and 'Southern Cross', the beloved aeroplane which carried them safely across the world.
  • Record-breaking Concorde:
  • The third accolade honours the iconic record- breaking Concorde. See how Concorde became the envy of the world when she tore from New York to London in a record-breaking 2 hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds back in 1996. Discover a full-scale, exact replica of her flight deck, which includes realistic instrumentation, passenger seating, original artefacts and a lifelike model crew. The intricate display recognises the ingenuity behind the treasured plane – which still holds the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by a civil aircraft.

  • Operation Sealion:
  • An insight into the German intelligence gathering in preparation for the planned Nazi invasion of England in World War 2.

  • Memory Lane:
  • Charts a century of Wedding Gowns from Mid Victorian to the 1970s including a War Time dress made from a parachute. The stitch marks of the seams show that it was re-fitted and worn by several brides. The selection of photographs also charts weddings from the late Victorian period.

  • William White’s Chemist Time Capsule:
  • Discovered after being locked away and forgotten since 1909 in South Petherton, Somerset. Every item in the shop was numbered and charted so that when it was re-assembled at Flambards everything was exactly the same as the original.


    *** – Visiting – ***

    Flambards theme park is the perfect family day out in Cornwall with a large selection of rides and attractions to suit everyone. In order to ensure the health and safety of both their visitors and employees, a small selection of rides are temporarily unavailable to comply with current social distancing regulations. Click here to find out more.

    From the thrill seekers to those who prefer a gentler pace. Experience the fun as a child or adult from the high clutches of The Shuttle space craft to a dizzying spin on the Hornet Rollercoaster. Be sure to check out the amazing view at the top of the only drop, twisting ride The SkyRaker001 before plummeting back down to earth.

  • The Sky-Force Ride.
  • Feel the G-Force on the Sky-Force ride. Whizzing high above the Park, this adrenaline-packed ride is guaranteed fun for thrill seekers. The giant 'white-knuckle' experience takes up to 40 people, 25 metres above the ground exerting a force of up to 3G whilst simultaneously spinning 360 degrees! Height restriction 140cm.

  • The Skyraker Ride.
  • Experience the fantastic view of the Cornish countryside and wave to your friends below on the Skyraker ride at Flambards. For sky high thrills - Skyraker is a twisting ride taking you up into the dizzy heights before you plummet back to earth! Height Guide: Unaccompanied minimum height 1.3m. Between 1.05m - 1.3m must be accompanied by a responsible person.

  • The Sky Swinger Ride.
  • Swoop into the Cornwall Sky on the ‘Sky Swinger’ at Flambards. Whizzing you round, 13 metres high above the Park, this is a fabulously fun addition to the family rides. The chairs are suspended from the rotating top of the carousel, tilting to give a flying sensation which is guaranteed to thrill riders young and old. Height Guide - Unaccompanied minimum height 1.3m. Between 1.05m – 1.3m must be accompanied by a responsible person.

  • The Hornet Rollercoaster.
  • Enjoy the large drops and rapid turns on this fantastic rollercoaster at Flambards Theme Park. The Hornet rollercoaster has long been a family favourite ride as it's suitable for children over 90cm tall. Height Guide - Minimum height 90cm. Children between 90cm – 1.2m may ride but must be accompanied by a responsible person.

  • The Thunderbolt.
  • Only for the daring and those who have a strong stomach! Twist round and upside down and view the clouds (and hopefully some blue sky) from high above the ground. Screams are aplenty on this brilliant thrill ride. Height Guide - Minimum height 1.2m.

  • The Log Flume.
  • This water chute ride is great to experience as a family. Feel the nervous anticipation on the Colorado River Log Flume as it climbs steeply up the ramp, followed by a moment of heart stopping hesitation before a headlong plunge into the swirling channel below. If you want to keep most of your clothes dry, purchase a poncho from the Flambards shop and don't forget to smile for the camera! Height Guide - Minimum height 90cm. Children between 90cm – 1.2m must be accompanied by a responsible person.

  • Balloon Race.
  • Hop into a basket and experience this spinning ride. Each basket can hold a maximum of 4 persons. Try taking in the view without getting too dizzy. Tip: Face forward if you have a weaker stomach! Height Guide - Minimum height 90cm. Children between 90cm – 1.2m must be accompanied by a responsible person.

  • The Space Race.
  • In order to ensure the health and safety of both our visitors and employees, a small selection of rides including Space Race are temporarily unavailable to comply with current social distancing regulations. They will aim to reopen this ride as soon as it is safe to do so and apologize for any disappointment caused. A simply fantastic spinning ride – the Space Race will transport you into darkness where you will reach dizzying speeds through the unknown! Height Guide - Minimum height 90cm. Children between 90cm – 1.2m must be accompanied by a responsible person.

    *** – Family Fun – ***

    In addition to the thrills of the rides above and the fascinating history displayed in the exhibitions, there are a whole host of fun attractions and rides for the family.

  • Human Cannonball.
  • Rocking Tug Boat.
  • Cyclocopters.
  • Traditional Carousel.
  • Space Shuttle.
  • The Pirate Ship.
  • Classic Tea Cup Ride.
  • Dino Express.
  • Cornwall Eye.
  • Mini Golf.

    Theme Park

    Theme Park


    *** – Visiting – ***

    There is plenty of free parking for disabled persons close to the entrance of the park. Guide or assistant dogs are welcome in the park but must stay on a harness at all times. They must be registered with an ADUK logo fully visible with a full laminated I.D Card. There is wheelchair access around the park. Please ask a member of staff for a Flambards disabled route guide to help you during your visit. They have a limited number of wheelchairs that are free to Flambards disabled guests to borrow during their visit. They highly recommend you reserve a wheelchair before your visit on 01326 573404.

    They have four individual disabled toilets located near the entrance of the park and close to Ferdi's Funland. One of these toilets contains a full height-adjustable, medical changing bed. In addition to this, they have a hoist available on request as it needs to be kept on charge so it is operational when required.

    The development of this additional facility has been done following discussion and on-going evaluation of facilities with a local disabled group in order to provide a facility that is suitable for people with a wider range of needs. They are continually working to improve the facilities available. They have a Room Mate® fitted in their main disabled toilet which provides an audio description of the layout of the toilet facilities for blind and visually impaired visitors

    Hearing Loops are available at reception. For their downloadable guide to access in the Victorian Village please click here.


    Location : Clodgey Lane, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0QA

    Transport: Penryn (National Rail) then bus. Bus Routes : 2, 35, 35A, 36, 37, 39 and 45 stop nearby

    Opening Times : Daily 10:00 to 16:00 (Indoors) 17:00 (Park). Last Admission 15:00.

    Tickets Indoors: Adult £10.35 (online); Senior (60+) £9.50; Disabled/Carer £6.95; Child £6.26 (online).

    Tickets Rides: Adult £19.76 (online); Senior (60+) £15.95; Disabled/Carer £11.50; Child £14.36 (online).

    Tel: 01326 573404