wilkie collins - the moonstone

wilkie collins - woman in white

conan doyle - study in scarlet

conan doyle - adventures of sherlock holmes

conan doyle - his last bow

conan doyle - hound of the baskervilles

conan doyle - memoirs of sherlock holmes

conan doyle - return of sherlock holmes

conan doyle - sign of the four

edgar wallace - angel of terror

edgar wallace - daffodil mystery

edgar wallace - green rust

catherine coulter - riptide

catherine coulter - backfire

catherine coulter - bombshell

catherine coulter - blowout

catherine coulter - blindside

catherine coulter - the maze

ambrose bierce - the devils dictionary

ambrose bierce - parenticide club

ambrose bierce - occurrence at owl creek bridge

Edgar Allan Poe - 12 Creepy Tales

Edgar Allan Poe - Murders in the Rue Morgue

Edgar Allan Poe - Purloined Letter

Stephen King - It

Stephen King - Insomnia

Stephen King - Misery

Stephen King - Rose Madder

Stephen King - Dolores Claiborne

Stephen King - Four Past Midnight

James Patterson - Kiss the Girls

James Patterson - Jack and Jill

James Patterson - Pop Goes the Weasel

James Patterson - Roses are Red

James Patterson - Violets are Blue

James Patterson - Alex Cross, Run

Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown - Angels and Demons

Dan Brown - Inferno

Dan Brown - Digital Fortress

Umberto Eco - Name of the Rose

Umberto Eco - Foucault's Pendulum

Louis Tracy - Albert Gate Mystery

Louis Tracy - Mysterious Disappearance

Louis Tracy - Postmasters Daughter

Louis Tracy - Legacy of Hate

Maurice LeBlanc - 813

Maurice LeBlanc - Adventures of Arsene Lupin

Maurice LeBlanc - 8 Strokes of the Clock

Maurice LeBlanc - The Blonde Lady

R D Blackmore - Clara Vaughan Vol I

R D Blackmore - Clara Vaughan Vol II

R D Blackmore - Clara Vaughan Vol III

R D Blackmore - Erema

G K Chesterton - Man Who was Thursday

G K Chesterton - Man Who Knew Too Much

G K Chesterton - Whats Wrong With The World

G K Chesterton - Innocence of Father Brown

G K Chesterton - Club of Queer Trades

G K Chesterton - Manalive

G K Chesterton - Wisdom of Father Brown

G K Chesterton - Ball and Cross

Thomas Harris - Red Dragon

Thomas Harris - Silence of the Lambs

Thomas Harris - Hannibal Rising

Thomas Harris - Black Sunday

Mary Waggaman - Captain Ted (Children)

Augusta Seaman - Dragons Secret (Children)

Mary Molesworth - Carved Lions (Children)

Sapper - Bulldog Drummond

Wilkie Collins - Dead Secret

Percy Brebner - Christopher Quarles

William Godwin - Caleb Williams

Wadsworth Camp - Abandoned Room

Roy Snell - Blue Envelope (Children)

William Le Queux - Eye for an Eye

James Curwood - Flaming Forest

John Buchan - Greenmantle

John Buchan - 39 Steps

John Buchan - Huntingtower

John Buchan - Mr. Standfast

John Buchan - Power-house

John Buchan - Prester John

Louis Vance - False Faces

Marcel Allain - Exploits of Juve

Sax Rohmer - Hand of Fu Manchu

Sax Rohmer - Bat Wing

E. Oppenheim - Pawns Count

E Oppenheim - Great Impersonation

E. Oppenheim - Great Secret

E. Oppenheim - The Avenger

E Oppenheim - Vanished Messenger

E. Oppenheim - Stolen Idols

E. Oppenheim - Golden Web

E. Oppenheim - Devils Paw

E Oppenheim - Yellow House

E. Oppenheim - Jacobs Ladder

Richard Davis - The Amateur

Richard Davis - In the Fog

Daniel Lord - Clouds Cover the Campus

John Bangs - R. Holmes and Co.

Louis Vance - Red Masquerade

William Le Queux - Hushed Up

William Le Queux - Czar's Spy

William Le Queux - Great White Queen

William Le Queux - Stolen Souls

William Le Queux - Four Faces

William Le Queux - Stretton Street Affair

Mildred Benson - Swamp Island (Children)

Louis Ulbach - For Fifteen Years

James Curwood - Flower of the North

Victor Rousseau - Jacqueline of Golden River

Gaston Leroux - Le Fauteuil Hante (FR)

Gaston Leroux - Mystery of Yellow Room

Gaston Leroux - Phantom of the Opera

C N Williamson - Golden Silence

C N Williamson - Happened in Egypt

B E Stevenson - Gloved Hand

B E Stevenson - Mystery of Boule Cabinet

B E Stevenson - Holladay Case

Elisabeth Gaskell - Grey Woman

Grace Johnson - Broken Rosary

Johnstone McCulley - Brand of Silence

Johnstone McCulley - Black Star

Augusta Seaman - Boarded Up House (Children)

Augusta Seaman - Slipper Point Mystery (Children)

Augusta Seaman - Girl Next Door (Children)

Anna K Green - House in the Mist

Anna K Green - House of Whispering Pines

Anna K Green - X Y Z Detective Story

Anna K Green - Initials Only

Anna K Green - Lost Mans Lane

Anna K Green - Chief Legatee

Anna K Green - Forsaken Inn

Anna K Green - Hasty Arrow Mystery

Anna K Green - Affair Next Door

Various - American Rivals of Holmes

Various - Rivals of Sherlock Holmes II

Charles Adams - Notting Hill Mystery

R Davis - Lost House

Andre Norton - Ralestone Luck

J Fletcher - Scarhaven Keep

A Mason - the watchers

William Le Queux - whither thou goest

J Hocking - weapons of mystery

D Adams - dirk gently holistic detective

mark twain - double barreled detective

j fletcher - orange yellow diamond

j fletcher - borough treasurer

j fletcher - talleyrand maxim

j fletcher - middle temple murder

J Fletcher - paradise mystery

Arthur Rees - hampstead mystery

Arthur Rees - shrieking pit

Arthur Rees - mystery of the Downs

Dorothy Sayers - whose body

Wilkie Collins - Lady + the law

h g jenkins - malcolm sage, detective

j mcintyre - ashton kirk, investigator

j mcintyre - ashton kirk, secret agent

e biggers - agony column

e biggers - love insurance

e biggers - 7 keys to baldpate

edgar wallace - twisted candle

edgar wallace - secret house

lawrence lynch - against odds

lawrence lynch - last stroke

a pinkerton - dyke darrel

fergus hume - bishop's secret

fergus hume - hansom cab mystery

fergus hume - dwarf's chamber

fergus hume - red window

fergus hume - hagar of pawn shop

Fergus Hume - Secret Passage

M Rinehart - Breaking Point

M Rinehart - dangerous days

M Rinehart - tish

M Rinehart - more tish

M Rinehart - circular staircase

M Rinehart - Jennie Brice

M Rinehart - the bat

M LeBlanc - confessions arsene lupin

Maurice LeBlanc - crystal stopper

Maurice LeBlanc - hollow needle

Wilkie Collins - haunted hotel

boris akunin - the winter queen

boris akunin - special assignments

boris akunin - state counsellor

boris akunin - turkish gambit

boris akunin - death of achilles

boris akunin - pelagia + white bulldog

boris akunin - murder on leviathan

mario puzo - omerta

mario puzo - the godfather

mario puzo - the sicilian

mario puzo - the last don

mario puzo - 6 graves to munich

Alistair Maclean - HMS Ulysses

R A Freeman - Silent Witness

R A Freeman - Eye of Osiris

R A Freeman - 31 new inn

R A Freeman - vanishing man

R A Freeman - uttermost farthing

R A Freeman - red thumb mark

C Pelham - chronicles of crime

F Packard - Adventures Jimmie Dale

Louis Tracy - Silent Barrier

Arthur Reeve - film mystery

Arthur Reeve - exploits of elaine

A M Barbour - mainwaring affair

A M Barbour - at the time appointed

A Mason - four feathers

A Mason - at the villa rose

G Boothby - a bid for fortune

G Boothby - wiltshire's diamonds

Israel Zangwill - big bow mystery

roy snell - The secret mark

grace north - bobs, girl detective

r eustace - master of mysteries

r eustace - brotherhood of 7 kings

e bonhote - bungay castle

a groner - case of registered letter

a groner - case of pocket diary

a groner - case of golden bullet

j fletcher - chestermarke instinct

j fletcher - middle of things

anna green - circular study

T Hanshew - Cleek of Scotland Yard

Anna Green - Dark Hollow

George Fenn - The Dark House

E Hornung - dead men tell no tales

E Hornung-raffles, amateur cracksman

E Hornung - thief in the night

E Hornung - shadow of the rope

E Hornung - raffles, further adventures

C Steele - mansion of mystery

J Futrelle - diamond master

J Futrelle - elusive isabel

Anna Green - doctor, wife + clock

sheridan le fanu - evil guest

charlotte brame - fair mystery

charlotte brame - shadow of a sin

marcel allain - fantomas

marcel allain - messengers of evil

anna green - filigree ball

e bramah - wallet of kai lung

e bramah - max carrados, detective

j dent - gerrard street + others

g bonner - girl at central

f froest - the grell mystery

grant allen - hilda wade

William Beckford - caliph vathek

sax rohmer - Insidious Fu Manchu

Wilkie Collins - Jezebel's daughter

Baroness Orczy - Lady Molly

Anna Green - leavenworth case

W Irving - legend of sleepy hollow

Marie Lowndes - The Lodger

Louis Vance - the lone wolf

J M Falkner - lost stradivarius

Fergus Hume - madame midas

M Rinehart - man in lower ten

F L Baum - mary louise (children)

f baum - mary louise in country (children)

F L Baum - mary louise mystery (children)

f baum - mary louise liberty girls (child)

k thurston - the masquerader

r dallas - a master hand

anna green - the mayor's wife

octavius cohen - midnight

r savage - midnight passenger

anna green - millionaire baby

r kaufmann - frances baird, detective

anna green - missing : page 13

e gaboriau - monsieur leCoq I

E Gaboriau - Monsieur lecoq II

john bangs - mrs raffles

anne austin - murder at bridge

h beam piper - murder in gunroom

m hubbard - murder takes the veil

dame macaulay - mystery at geneva

a seaman - mystery at no. 6 (children)

conan doyle - mystery of cloomber

charles dickens - mystery of edwin drood

fred white - mystery of four fingers

m harvey - mystery of hidden room

e howe - mystery of the locks

James HAY - No Clue!

wilkie collins - no name

b w currie - officer 666

anne green - one of my sons

m oliphant - open door + portrait

l chamberlain - other side of door

h macgrath - pagan madonna

a reeve - poisoned pen

m nicholson - port of missing men

sax rohmer - sacred slipper

j fletcher - rayner-slade

j mccarthy - rebel rose

A A Milne - Red House Mystery

n s lincoln - red seal

sax rohmer - return of fu manchu

t hanshew - frozen flame

t hanshew - purple emperor

e childers - riddle of sands

a griffiths - rome express

anna green - ruby and caldron

c n williamson - second latchkey

samuel adams - lonesome cove

gaston leroux - secret of night

w martyn - silver car secret

Joseph Conrad - Secret Sharer

william le queux - seven secrets

p thorne - sheridan road

william le queux - sign of silence

a reeve - silent bullet

fergus hume - silent house

louis ulbach - steel hammer

t aldrich - stillwater tragedy

m fortune - detective album

anna green - strange disappearance

unknown- string of pearls (sweeney todd)

maurice leblanc - teeth of tiger

B Stevenson - Affair at Elizabeth

anna green - 3,000 dollars

r marsh - tom ossington's ghost

e c bentley - trent's last case

e pangborn - trial of callista blake

conan doyle - uncle bernac

rex stout - under the andes

paul feval - la vampire

t p prest - varney the vampire, vol i

t p prest - varney the vampire, vol ii

t p prest - varney the vampire, vol iii

m rinehart - window at white cat

Anna Green - Woman in Alcove

a pinkerton - expressman + detective

various - short mystery stories 001

various - short mystery stories 002

various - short mystery stories 003

various - short mystery stories 004

various - short mystery stories 005

various - short mystery stories 006

Various - Short Mystery Stories 007